Julian Impelluso
Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I'm just a really passionate freelance game programmer and designer.


As a programmer

I have been coding stuff back since my high school days, when I used GameMaker to try and make stuff I wanted to play. That continued in my years as a college student, where I learned game design and programming and came across the Unity engine, which I've been using ever since. With ten years of experience working in games, and about eight focusing on Unity, I've worked on all sorts of things, ranging from mobile apps, to simple branded Flash games, all the way to full indie and AA projects in the present.

As a designer

While my main area of expertise lies in coding, I've also always been learning and practising game design, using it as a complement to my programming knowledge in order to explain not only how something works in a game, but why it works the way it does. My forays into level design go way back, when I was a very active member at an indie game's community of level editors, and I'd sign up for all sorts of fan-organized contests. I also tried my hand at crafting levels for Doom2, and eventually helped develop and iterate levels in Drop Alive, the first game I took part on as an indie developer. Nowadays, at Error 404 Game Studios, the studio's game designer and I often discuss game mechanics and feel together in order to try and come up with the best solutions for our projects, with me bridging the gap between design and code.



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